As I come into you…

Before going further with this reading, be warned. I edited out some vulgar statements but this is not for the easily offended. Is not only extremely judgmental on my part, it’s a bit more than many people are used to.

A timeless topic for sure. My take on it has a bit of a different flavor. It’s crude, vulgar and as close to the absolute truth as I can get.

In regards to this topic, I am speaking on behalf of a man’s point of view. I will only relate what I ‘think’ I understand about women. Sex is awesome. It’s a great feeling for sure. You can get naked and sweaty and… Well, get your nut. A common theme I see with guys is the lack of depth in their appreciation of sex and what it really is. Some guys want sex because the act of intercourse and ejaculation feels good with another person. That’s cool I guess, but the fact that they disrespect women to get to that point disgusts me. A different set of guys want sex because the feeling of being next to another naked women gets them closer to feeling like they are back in their mother’s embrace. The sensation of naked breasts and the warmth between the thighs comforts men more than anyone will ever admit. Too many men are dying to be coddled. These men are commonly known as ‘pussies.’ Overly sensitive, insecure, whiny, jealous wieners. They annoy the shit out of me; more so than the guys that simply use women to ‘bust a nut’ then roll over and kick her out of bed. These two groups of guys I feel are the majority of men out there. (Unspoken variations of course). They are taking advantage of something that has more power than many of us truly understand. I’m sure women could be compartmentalized such as this, but I’ll stay away from that for now. For some guys it’s like they are being given a Ferrari to drive, and they ruin it by showing it off and destroying what it was really made for. Funny tidbit of observation, many of these guys I am judging right now, are the pompous, overconfident pretty boys that think they are gods gift to everyone. Their pseudo-alpha male personality is about as transparent as urine after a long night of drinking. Did I make it clear that they irritate the piss out of me?

Onwards to the fun part. Sex. Fucking. Knocking boots. Gettin’ sloppy. Tappin’ that ass. Whatever you want to call it.

Sex is about sharing your soul with someone. How do I propose we all get there? Well, before I run a scenario I will say that it’s about finding absolute and undeniable trust with someone else. Lovers have to be more than perfectly comfortable with each other before beginning to even touch on an intimate level. The awkwardness of trying to figure out if the other person wants something more will always be a mystery. Assuming you’ve figured that out, the good part comes next.

You grab someone by the belt line and pull them in. The only skin contact is the white of your knuckles as you firmly hold them in as close as possible. You have to feel their presence. You smell, you explore, but you do not touch or taste quite yet. There has to be no question that what is about to happen next, has no limits. If there’s any hesitation on any party, it must stop there. If it’s there, move on to the physical exploration of the other person. Touch on self conscious feelings. Make them comfortable with themselves as well as with you. It’s about taking time. The more you rush it, the more you miss. As you continue touching and exposing each other, you take it all in. You have to be absolutely comfortable with the functions of a human body. For those who have had to take a horrendous shit while trying to get it on should be able to relate. Get over it! Assuming you didn’t have cheap tacos from the corner gas station, you should accept your own and your partners body for exactly what it is. As you continue touching, tasting, exploring, you have to learn to pace yourself. Along the way you have to communicate. Talk about fantasies, perversions, maybe curiosities about what something would be like. Maybe you wonder what it’s like to have sex in public. Maybe you question a group sex session, or being tied up. Who knows. Just because its brought up, doesn’t mean it has to happen. It doesn’t always have to be so crazy either. Merely discussing those possibilities can do more magic than you might’ve ever realized.

The real deal comes when most people decide its time to finish off with a (sometimes fake) orgasm, cuddle and go to sleep. Or go home if you’re that kind of a slut.

Once you literally and figuratively become inside the other person, there’s more to get to. There should be a desire to expose every bit of your insides to the other person. I don’t mean literally, but the verbalization of it can suffice in the interim. Let everything hang out. Pun intended as well. Going beyond simple sex is confusing for many. Sometimes it’s scary or embarrassing. It may be weird or seemingly unnecessary. To each their own. Sometimes the best way to be intimate with someone is to not touch at all. You lay naked with each other and talk about everything that comes to mind. No shame allowed. Go as far as you can. When you’ve reached a higher level of intimacy with someone, the typical climax is not even in the picture. It may become a part of the story line but it becomes menial compared to what two people can experience if they really try.

A reason that this topic is so important to me, is because its a reflection of how people live their lives in other arenas. We put limits on our interpersonal relations because our comfort zones are too small. We can also compare this to professional lives as well. It’s really no fault of our own. Betrayal is a huge reason that people close up like a clam and become juvenile with their actions. Unresolved issues can effect our lives just the same. (See above in regards to men that are still stuck on mommies tits). All too often people take advantage of what is offered directly to them. There is more to life than getting your dick wet and if you don’t fully understand what you are getting into, don’t fuck with the soul of another person.


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