Act your status

I had a small bit of conversation with someone at work today that got some wheels turning about something that I find very important in my life. It appears to me that too many single people act… Single… Of course specific activity varies with age and maturity but the fundamentals are generally the same. I mean, it’s nice to have ‘freedom’ in my life but I don’t take advantage of it. Some people love to become absolute whores when they are single. Successful or not, a large number of people live for the attention of other people. The acceptance of another person (more so in this context of the opposite sex), seems to be a priority. Maybe they’re out to impress their friends with their swagger, or whatever it’s called now. Ego trip maybe? It’s whatever. The sad part, everything changes when they fall in love.

On the flip side to that, people that are in relationships act like they are not single. Key point is that they don’t act like they are in relationships. I know I’m over thinking this but I believe there is some merit to what I’m saying. Seems that a lot of guys I know don’t act like they are in relationships. What they do is live in a way that makes them not single. I should say I know of several ladies that do this too. I had a friend that is no longer a friend simply because her friendship with me causes too many problems with her prospects. It’s stupid, and ultimately I don’t care. I’m pretty good at moving on. The reason it’s important to me is because it happens time and time again.

I can barely understand what I’m saying here as I re-read this. I could edit my format to make it more understandable but this is my blog and I can write how I want. It’s a reflection of the apparent mess that is in my head about things.

Anyways, maybe this will help me explain what I’m trying to say; currently I’m single. I don’t act ‘overly single’ and what I choose to do in my life has a method. I don’t ‘party’ or sleep around. I don’t put on a facade for people. Well, maybe a bit. I’ll be nice to your face because if there’s a chance i’ll have to do life business with you again I want to avoid confrontation. I don’t like drama. I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. I’m an open book for someone that really cares. I’ll tell no lies but I also don’t self-incriminate. More importantly, I live a life that I don’t feel I have to change (much) if I end up being with someone. And if someone doesn’t like me for my past, then they can eat me.

After all that, my point is that if you are going to have convictions about the way you want to live your life, figure out what they are and live by them. Regardless. Learn how to say no as well as yes at the right time. I’d like to fill in this spot with all kinds of cute cliche sayings about staying true to yourself. I’ll spare you that. I guess if you are going to live your life with someone else, do it the way it was meant to be. Don’t half-ass it. It’s not fair to anyone else. Let someone love you for who you really are, not who you aren’t because it makes the relationship work. Make sense?


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