Today’s blog is more of an account of my day than anything in depth. The shitty weather is killing me! Each day that I can’t fly seems to put me back a week. The pace of instruction is already dog slow and this isn’t helping. I’m afraid I may have to do one more quarter than I wanted to here. I guess that’s ok though. I really have no one to answer to and I don’t really have any pressing obligations. As long as I’m done by summer, I guess that’s ok.

I started a new workout regimen today. My old workout had become stagnant and even though I’ve been going nearly every single day, I felt like I was losing muscle. I upped the intensity and number of exercises each day. It was a good transition. After my two hours I could feel my triceps twitching and my calves were on fire. My loads of supplements better be helping.

For the handful of readers, sorry to disappoint today. As much as I want to say, I can’t right now. I’m in a state of quiet contentment and I kinda like it. Maybe I’ll download a new book tonight and keep even more to myself.

By dsmythjr

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