Nothing special

One more day down. It’s going to be a rough couple of months for sure. I’ve set some pretty steep goals for myself and I’m hoping things don’t get too far out of whack before I decide to bag it all. I’m frustrated with the pace that the world around me is moving. It seems that there is a perpetual water cooler that finds its way into potentially productive situations. I’m not saying that I oppose plenty of bullshitting time, but my lack of patience does not serve me well when the resting period has been overused. I’m also not one to pick up the slack for anyone else. This only feeds to my stagnation. My progress in life right now rests heavily on the willingness of others to support my intentions. Specific example right now is the flight instructors and the flight program.

I have no special topic of interest today. It was the first day of classes and I spent most of the day completing math modules. I haven’t had math in fourteen years so I’m a little rough but it’s coming back pretty well. I feel like my head is going to explode.

Sorry there’s nothing more interesting here. Maybe tomorrow I’ll rant about the downward spiral of quality socks.

By dsmythjr

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