Twinkle Toes

One of the worst things to happen to my writing is when I think of really good things to write about throughout the day then by the time I sit down and start writing… Nothing. In trying to figure out what the context of these blogs should be, I’ve realized that anything goes. Some days it may be funny or sad and some days I may just simply write a quick snippet of what went on. I’m a big believer in the power of writing in a journal. Whether it be for your eyes only or for other people to see, I think it can do wonders for your character.

When I returned to Fort Bragg from my first deployment I found myself with a lot of free time yet not enough to commit to something long term since the next deployment was six months away. I decided to stop into Roland’s Dance Studio and check out some ballroom dancing lessons. After being given a quick tour of the studio and a sampler lesson, I was hooked. I laid down a few thousand bucks for lessons and faithfully went every other day. It was a little awkward for me because my only regular partner was my instructor. No one I knew wanted to practice a waltz or tango with me. The closest I could get interest in was salsa, which I’m not entirely a fan of. I was able to dance with some of the other students and instructors from time to time but everyone was on such different schedules and levels of experience that I never really got what I wanted out of it. I was able to do a few showcases with my instructor which boosted my confidence. Eventually I had to drop the lessons to head overseas again but I’ve never lost hope that I’ll do it again.

Since returning home from the military and settling back into civilian life, I’ve been on the lookout not only for a place to dance but a regular partner to dance with. It seems that people love the notion of being some graceful dancer like they see on those TV shows but they don’t fully grasp what goes into it. I’ve managed to attend a few group lessons here and there and a few private lessons. It seems however that no matter where I go or who I dance with, the default is Latin. What happened to some good old fashioned quick step or swing? Not this west coast swing either.

Dancing is truly an art. Partner dancing is not only about the audience, it’s about the dancers. It is a surreal experience to immerse yourself in the embrace of another and find a new way to communicate and express feelings. The closeness obviously scares people away. To do it correctly you have to spend hours upon hours sweating and complaining together. Frustrations rise and tensions cause shaky ground. The chemistry can be breathtaking if it is handled correctly. In the end it’s worth it if both are open to whatever comes out of it.

I think I need to get back into dancing. I can’t do it where I’m at now simply because there are zero dance studios that cater to traditional dancing. I’m quite rough around the edges because it has been so long since being on the floor, not to mention its been too long to remember that I had someone that I could get comfortably close to for this purpose. And guys, make fun of it all you want. It’s a harder workout than you might and men are generally the minority! Wherever I go after I’m done with school here better have some good dancing. Or I’m leaving!

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