Today at work, I bought everyone doughnuts. Or as I otherwise like to call them, dog-nuts. I knew I shouldn’t have. I might as well pull up my shirt and rub them all over my stomach instead of allowing them to destroy every valuable part of my digestive system just to set up shop as inescapable stomach fat. I figured if I only had one then I wouldn’t feel so guilty. After my fifth one they just went down so easy. No else was eating them so what’s the point of wasting donuts?

I love feeding people. It’s my happy place. When I owned my restaurant I used to watch people from the kitchen as they ate their food. Creepy I know, but I absolutely loved watching the look on people’s faces when they took their first bite into my awesome half-pound, hand packed beef cheeseburger. Maybe the look on their face was because they paid less for mine than they would get a nasty-ass triple whopper for. Either way, it was the highlight if my day. A common complaint I got was that my burgers were too big. I’m sorry?

I don’t expect much from people. Sure, money is a nice repayment but I think gluttony is what I really after.

You know, as I’m writing this I realize that a lot of what in say is bullshit. Most of it. My views are skewed because of my own personal situation in life. I have too much time on my hands and nothing to direct my energy into. I ‘buy donuts’ any chance I can get. I don’t do it for the recognition or even a thank you. I do it because whether people will admit it or not, they like to be happy. Donuts make a lot of people happy. So does ‘please and thank you’, ‘yes sir, yes ma’am, and ‘I’m sorry?’ I guess a twenty dollar bill makes people happy as well. My dream is to amaze people. Even if its on a small scale. I want to amaze at least one person in my life. I don’t want pandering. I want genuine amazement. It’s truly not for me. It’s for them. And it’s not just about the dog-nuts.

By dsmythjr

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