On a side note

T minus thirteen days. A new year. I figure if I’m going to be serious about this whole 365 thing, I better write something good in case I end up getting a lot of views. (One can hope right)?

I think I did a pretty good job in my bio in case you want a little background on who I am. (Click above). I’ve been writing in a journal for about as long as I can remember. Of course when I was a kid, my main concern was really about my dog or what kind of go-cart I wanted to build. My late teen years were pretty stereotypical when it came to journal writing. “Does this girl like me?” “My family sucks.” “I’m so lost in my life.” Pretty much uninteresting to anyone who might stumble upon it one day. As I progressed along with writing, my form is horrible. Any structured writing style has been thrown out the window. I’m trying to slowly integrate my mind into something a little easier to read though.

I’ve managed to piss a lot of people off through my writing. I’ve also managed to spark heated conversations from time to time. I’d like to say that I’ve had a positive impact on people but who knows. I think writing is an important part of who we are in this society and though your work may never be read or appreciated by anyone else, it’s paramount in keeping yourself on the right track in this life. Sometimes the simple act of writing what you feel with the intention of showing no one is therapy in itself.

The stories I wish to tell in the coming year are most likely going to be more important to me than to anyone else. I saw a cool picture on the Internet that said ‘someone should write a book where the author falls in love with the reader.’ How cool would that be? How is that possible? Maybe if someone comments a lot. I think the meaning behind it has nothing to do with a specific person. What I want to write is not really meant to be for me, but for the reader(s). Unless I write a complete non-fiction set, I need to use what I know of in my life to give to others. To fall in love is to give access to your heart and soul to someone else. Not that I want to give absolutely everything to the readers, but I want to give something pure. Something honest. Something uncensored. I want to save the really good stuff for someone special in my life. If that day ever comes.

Feedback will be important in this journey. Just as in making love, it doesn’t get any better if both sides don’t reciprocate their feelings. Things may be awkward at first, but give it time. Share this with others if you will.

I’m saving the good stuff for when I have a significant number of readers. As for the ‘less than good stuff’, I hope it’ll still be good enough to get us through the rough spots.

By dsmythjr

2 comments on “On a side note

  1. A daily posting is quite an endeavor. I am currently going to bring the daily aspect of my blog to an end when you are beginning – so I pass the baton…will look forward to following.

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