Here goes…. Somethin’


I’ve been battling with the function of social networking as it applies to my daily life. I think it sucks. Partly my life and partly the social networking. I remember the days of finally getting a phone in my room and being able to call my friends and talk about stupid things. We’d talk about transformers Lamborghinis, the dog, WWF, and the latest video game coming out on the Nintendo. I grew up without a cell phone. I remember being 16 and getting to take my parent’s ‘Zach Morris’ phone with me as I drove my Volkswagen Bug to Tacoma to meet with friends at Point Defiance. I was scared to use it because it cost about a million dollars a minute.

Even through high school I felt connected to more people than I do now, and we didn’t have Facebook, MySpace or anything of the sort. Hell, I thought it was cool to type a note to someone on my graphing calculator and transfer it to someone else’s.

This blog has several motivations that I’d like to discuss as the time goes on. I will be as candid as I can and hopefully make it as entertaining as I can for the few people that I’m hoping will actually read it.

My disclaimer: if you are mentioned and you don’t like it, give me a good reason to leave your name out and I’ll edit it or replace it with another. And if you are offended by anything there’s a sale at Walmart on tissue you fucking crybaby.


I appreciate anyone who reads this and if you feel like sharing anything or maybe have some ideas that I could write about please let me know.


I will ‘officially’ start this on the 1st of January but might throw in a few posts here and there in between.

By dsmythjr

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